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17 Oct 2016 

Mercedes Cars – A Symbol of Luxury

Mercedes-Benz manufactures luxury cars along with other vehicles such as trucks, coaches, and buses. This is a division of Daimler AG, a German company. Just like their promotional tag says “The Best or Nothing”, the company and its vehicles surely fit the bill. The luxury car lines are of high quality and are regarded as the top notch line-up. That’s why the price range is also very high. As the prices of the new Mercedes vehicles are too high, there has been a rise in demand for used Mercedes in India. All these used cars come at a far lesser price than their newer counterparts, thus opening an opportunity for the burgeoning middle class of India to get hold of their dream machines at an affordable price.

Getting back to where it all started...

Its origin can be traced back to the manufacturing of Benz Patent Motorwagen, the first ever petrol powered car. Daimler Motors Corporation first marketed Mercedes back in 1901. It was in 1902, the Mercedes trademark was created. It was done by an Austrian automobile entrepreneur named Emil Jellinek, who worked with DMG at that time. He named 1901 Mercedes 35hp after the name of his daughter - Mercedes Jellinek. Manufacturing of the vehicles with brand name of Mercedes-Benz was started after Gottlieb Daimler's as well as Karl Benz's companies were merged into Daimler-Benz on June 28, 1926. One of the most popular and famous car models of Mercedes-Benz was 770.

What are the most popular models of Mercedes?

The current models of Mercedes are A-Class – Hatchback, MPV B-Class, E-Class, C-class, and many more. You can also get these expensive luxury cars at more affordable price by going for used Mercedes in India.

How’s the quality ranking?

Throughout the entire history of its production, Mercedes-Benz has maintained its high quality and durability standard. However, in the duration from late 1990s to early 2000s there has been a dramatic fall in its usual reputation because of the steady fall in its quality. The major problems were noticed during the first 90 days of ownership, according to J. D. Power's Initial Quality Study. In fact, during this almost one decade period, there has been a dramatic fall in its quality as well as reputation and it was seen that by mid-2005 its reputation has fallen to industry average from high quality status. This is when the automobile industry behemoth started working on its quality standard and by 2007’s first quarter the Mercedes car line-up improved its position from 25th position to 4th position.

On the points regarding reliability as well as build quality, the 2011 US Initial Quality and Vehicle Dependability Studies of J.D. Power shows that ranking of Mercedes-Benz vehicles have been provided with above average rating. A study was conducted in the year 2014, on behalf of Reuters, found out that recall rate for Mercedes is the lowest.
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